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I love watching Korean drama series since I was in high school, but never really was a time that I got interested with different K-Pop groups…

Until 2009… I first saw her on the music video of “GEE”… She got my attention, she wearing that orange skinny jeans (I love the orange color… it’s my favorite!). She’s dancing with those high heels and I was like, “Hey! You’re tall enough! You can just give those shoes to me if you want? You’re not like me who badly needs it… But if you’re not, alright! Fine… Just thank goodness you are cute!”

Since then, I got curious with her. I Googled her and there I learned that she’s Im Yoona of So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD / Girls’ Generation). And because of her I became a SONE unconsciously.

She’s the only reason why I watched Cinderella Man though the story line of the drama gets me bored at times. Then, I got excited the moment I heard she would be starring in a K-Drama entitled Love Rain. January 2012, ABS-CBN announced they’re gonna be airing Love Rain here and I was the happiest person that time because that’s another chance to see Yoona daily on Philippine TV! But because of lots of K-Drama line ups of ABS, rumors spread that the drama would be postponed until 2013. I got impatient, so after the September 2012 LET, I immediately search for its episodes on Youtube just to watch Yoona.

January 2013, I was so depressed. I missed the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing Yoona in person. I didn’t able to watch the Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concert in Manila where SNSD was inculded in the line-up of K-Pop groups who performed on the show. But I do hope that SNSD will be back in the Philippines for their solo show here and I would definitely watch this! For the love of Yoona!


And for the past days, I’m playing “I Got A Boy” so many times! And whenever I hear Yoona’s fast fantastic rap in song, it was also like May 30 is fasty approaching! And here it is! It’s now May 30, and before going to work I just want to post this blog and greet my pretty favorite SNSD lady Yoona a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m wishing you all the best in life, happiness, health, career and lovelife! If you just know how your smile gets me keep on looking the brighter side of life… thank you so much! 생일 축하합니다 윤아언니! 사랑 해! :))



Just stay calm… like Harry Borrison. ^^

Just stay calm… like Harry Borrison. ^^

Everything is only just inside your head. STOP WORRYING! :)

Everything is only just inside your head. STOP WORRYING! :)

Warning: Reflection in mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of “beauty”. :)

Warning: Reflection in mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of “beauty”. :)

Gu Family Book (구가의서) 

Before, he played an ordinary guy who fell in love to a gumiho (nine-tailed fox)…

But this time Lee Seung Gi is going to be a half-human-half-gumiho in MBC’s new historical drama series Gu Family Book (The Book of the House of Gu / Gu Family Secret) who will eventually fall for a martial arts instructor played by Miss A’s Suzy (my love! :-P)

A story of a half-gumiho who desperately wants to be a human, it will be aired on April 8 on MBC.

ahhh… I wish I’m in Korea… really can’t wait for this!


Light up the sky by ~2000lightyearsaway


Light up the sky by ~2000lightyearsaway


Want more posts like this? Follow me! :)



Want more posts like this? Follow me! :)


shades of orange :)

shades of orange :)




I don’t know exactly

Something just drags me,

From bed, my feet walk me out

Just to be with the wintry night.


Cold evening breeze kisses my face,

It’s like my heart…

For a long time, haven’t given warm love.

Suddenly, I want to sit on the dank ground,

It’s the same as my heart…

Tired longing for its love.


Above the heaven’s eve,

It comes so brightly

A lucid pearl as if looking at me

So lovely, so enthralling,

The moon is up and rising.

Gaze it, it’s really marvelous

But then, honestly, I’m jealous.


Silver glimmering sphere… it’s up so high

So high, it witnesses everything underneath the night sky,

Who’s snoring to the dream world?

Why one can’t cross the slumber threshold?

With its vision, the moon knows the reason.


How I wish I could take the moon’s place…

So, once more, I can see my love’s face,

So I can watch my love sleep,

So, from missing my love, I can be appeased.


What can I do?

I’m not the moon…

I’m just an ordinary lass,

Looking to the moon

And the thing I can only do

Is to just pray,

To the moon, my love also stares

It would bring us closer

Though we’re miles away from each other.


And I’m kneeling to God,

The next time I’ll be out

Just to feel the cold night,

We’ll be watching the moon together

By my side you’ll be there,

Wrapped with your warm embrace forever.